Dental Case Management Services

Levels of Oral Health Care

Plan 1 – Basic Dental

This option is geared to active seniors who routinely care for their own oral health care.  Includes 3 on-site visits per year.

Plan 2 – Dental Plus

This option complements a facility’s or resident’s daily oral health routine.  Includes 5 on-site visits per year.

Plan 3 – Comprehensive Dental

This option is specifically designed for residents with poor oral hygiene and various dental issues.  Includes 12 (monthly) on-site dental visits per year.

Dental Procedures Provided

  • Oral Exams
  • X-Rays
  • Prophylaxis (Dental Cleanings)
  • Extractions
  • Restorations (Fillings)
  • Dentures

Oral Health Education

  •  In-Services
    • Facility staff members may participate in monthly educational In-Services taught by our clinicians. The presentation topics, which may be chosen by the nursing home staff, range from basic tooth brushing tips to detecting oral cancer.
  • Oral Health Counselors
    • Facility staff may utilize our clinicians as a training resource and mentors in promoting proper and consistent oral hygiene.