PrevMED Portable Dental Care for All Residents’ Oral Care Needs

In many areas, PrevMED provides a Dentist and Dental Assistant on-site for your residents who are not enrolled in our monthly PrevMED OHM® Program.

Now, when any resident(s) have a dental need, you may call PrevMED’s Portable Dental Care coordinator at 877-604-2444 to determine if this service is available at your facility and then schedule on-site dental services. We prefer that you have 6 or more residents on a scheduled visit. The Dentist will perform a Limited Oral Exam with x-rays at a discounted fee during their first visit. At this appointment the Dentist will determine the patient’s needs and recommend treatment.

The recommended treatment(s) will be billed according to a fee schedule unique to each state (our Portable Dental Care coordinator can provide you with a fee schedule). We have discounted our fees for Facility Pay to 50% of the standard ADA rates and 95% for Private Pay. After payment has been received from private pay residents, the Dentist will be scheduled for a return visit to perform the prescribed treatment for your residents.

The PrevMED Portable Dental Care program is available to our current PrevMED facilities (in select geographic areas). Please schedule your Dental visits as far ahead as possible, as the program works on a first come, first served basis. We want to serve your needs promptly.