Oral Health Maintenance OHM Program

Recent PrevMED data suggests that our patients have a hospitalization rate that was 50% less than the national average.  This is powerful data, suggesting PrevMED’s monthly program improves health.

Since our inception, PrevMED has added many more clinical plans.  PrevMED now has 4 preventative care programs, all fully reimbursed for qualifying Medicaid residents.  We also support the dental benefits as administered by many Medicare Advantage and private dental insurers.  We also offer very competitive Fee For Service rates, delivering quality care onsite.  We believe our plans offer the best care available with proven health outcomes.  But if your loved one doesn’t financially qualify, rest assured, PrevMED has options for you.  Our Dental Case Managers will work with you to identify the best solution available to you.

PrevMED is Dental Case Management, your one call, one solution for your dental care needs.  Call today 888-604-0002.


A dentist first evaluates the resident. The general condition of the oral cavity is determined at this assessment. A risk level is established and the existence of periodontal disease is determined. Also, the resident is evaluated regarding his/her ability to cooperate with the delivery of treatment.


The next step in the OHM® program is to stabilize the oral cavity. In this phase the patient receives a COE, full radiographs, review of medical records by a dentist, plus a full mouth debridement/prophylaxis, fluoride varnish, antimicrobial treatment and minimally invasive restorative treatment materials. A treatment/ maintenance plan is determined.

Further, the Registered Dental Hygienist meets with the facility care staff to review oral care; why it is needed, how to deliver and products required.


The final phase is maintenance of the oral cavity. The Treatment Plan is delivered monthly by the appropriate clinician. Medications and oral hygiene products are provided, regular meetings and training with clinicians and care givers are routinized to enhance care and outcomes.

The dental team reviews outcome and recommends changes in the Treatment Plan.

12 Month Oral Health Maintenance (OHM®) Program

This month-by-month clinical program was designed by our Medical Advisory Board, and our affiliated physicians and dentists.  The program takes a preventative, rather than surgical, approach to oral health. It is a program that integrates oral health with systemic health known as a “Geriatric Health Home”.

The OHM® Program is so much more than just a Dental Plan. PrevMED provides a dental solution to medical problems.

Click here for a month-by-month detail of PrevMED’s Oral Health Maintenance Program

In many states the resident or responsible party can purchase an individual dental insurance policy from The Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company to cover the services provided under the Program.

The OHM® Program is Individually Prescribed by the PrevMED Dentist to Meet the Healthcare Needs of Each Patient