Articles and Studies

General Informative Articles & Websites:

New York Times / “Re-thinking the twice-yearly dentist visit” (by Catherine Saint Louis) – CLICK HERE.

New York Times / “In Nursing Homes, an Epidemic of Poor Dental Hygiene” (by Catherine Saint Louis) – CLICK HERE.

Tooth Wisdom – Health Resource for Older Adults – CLICK HERE.

The Oral Health of Vulnerable Older Adults in Connecticut – CLICK HERE.

Fox News / “Dental Hygiene important for Whole Body, not just your smile” – CLICK HERE.

Basic Screening Surveys: An Approach to Monitoring Community Oral Health – CLICK HERE.

Provider Magazine / Effective oral healthcare requires effective collaboration – CLICK HERE.

Provider Magazine / Oral Health Basics Part-1 – CLICK HERE.

Provider Magazine / Oral Health Basics Part-2 – CLICK HERE.

Provider Magazine: Targeted Interventions reduce Rehospitalizations – CLICK HERE.

Provider Magazine: Oral Health gives people something to smile about – CLICK HERE.

Provider Magazine: Paying for dental work in long-term care – CLICK HERE.

The Oral / Systemic Health Link – CLICK HERE.

Care2Learn “Out of the Penalty Box”: Avoiding unnecessary rehospitalizations in the post-acute setting – CLICK HERE.

AMDA “Caring for the ages” (by Jonathan Musher, MD, CMD) – CLICK HERE.

AARP “Gum disease linked to heart attacks and stroke” (by Nissa Simon) – CLICK HERE

S.U.N.Y Buffalo: Pathogens in Dental Plaque implicated in development of Pneumonia in Hospitalized Elderly – CLICK HERE

Caring for the Ages: Pneumonia prevention may start in the mouth – CLICK HERE

USA Today: Far more could be done to stop the deadly bacteria C. diff – CLICK HERE

Telegraph: Bad Dental Hygiene linked to Alzheimer’s – CLICK HERE

World Health Organization (WHO) – Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology – Improving the oral health of older people – CLICK HERE

Examining oral health in nursing home residents and overcoming mouth care-restrictive behaviors – CLICK HERE

Florida Public Health Institute: Oral health matters – The forgotten part of overall health – CLICK HERE

Better Oral Health in Residential Care – Education and Training Program – CLICK HERE


Industry Professionals:

Better Oral Health in Residential Care
Staff Portfolio: for nurses and care workers – Education and Training Program – CLICK HERE.

NOVA Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine: Oral health status of residents in South Florida nursing homes – CLICK HERE.

Clinical Experience: Long-term care and oral health knowledge – CLICK HERE.