PrevMED is proud to offer effective, efficient and on-site audiology services to long-term care communities and facilities. Over the years we have found that audiology services are a key part to offering long-term care residents continued and integrated preventive care which elevates the care provided at facilities.  As well as providing exemplary audiology services, PrevMED accepts Private Insurance, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans and offers fee-for-service options.

It is noted that across the United States, as many as 50% of nursing home residents have cognitive impairments, such as dementia. Of which, it is also reported that there is a clear relationship between hearing loss and dementia. Hearing loss tends to be statistically more apparent in nursing home residents and the elderly. The more severe the hearing loss, the more likely a long-term care resident is to have dementia.


Our PrevMED Audiology Division offers the following services:

  • Hearing Tests and Patient Assessment
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Binaural Hearing Aids
  • Monaural Hearing Aids


Contact us today for more information about our PrevMED Audiology services and about how we can bring audiology to your long-term care facility.